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Huge application of SAE’s products in Reconstruction project of Shenzhen Renmin road


The reconstruction project of Renmin road is one of the major component in Shenzhen city construction project. It mainly includes the construction in: the east Shennan road, north Yanhe road, west part of south road in Dongmen,… all area is about 1.4 square kilometers.

     As planned, the south part of Renmin road would break through  The old, built-in commercial thoughts and transform it into the circle-layer mode, being the “first window” of international city image.

     Shenzhen municipal government puts much attention on this reconstruction project. South Renmin road would layout the city flashlight, afforestation and public signs. At that time, the south Renmin district would the one integrated with shopping mall, hotel, entertainment facilities, reapst and so on. That road would be the people—intensified area, hence, the Security work should be paid more. More than 100 SAE’s high speed domes have been applied in this project as front-end system, which proved the much social acknowledgement in our SAE. By means of our sound quality, the south Renmin road would step in a 100% safety road.